Tonight, I sleep in a parking lot. Today, I proved, beyond a phantom of a doubt, that I don’t exist. I can’t. In fact, it’s impossible for me to have ever been born. More on that later. Potentially. For now, I’ll kick-start this blog.

Here it is:

All my teachers told me that, one day, I’d grow up to be a great writer. Maybe the best. Never happened. I suppose it might have, had I written something. But the sky is blue.

At any rate, as an homage to Kerouac… and, in light of the fork my life has taken… right in the eyeball, I’ll call this blog “In The Road”. I’ll do it because;

A) I think it’s funny


B) It is.

From this post forward, until I die, I’ll write every day.

Hi, Mom. ❤ U.

Everyone else: Follow me.


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One Response to IN THE ROAD

  1. I like it N8! Can’t wait to see the crazy shit you come up with to post about. If you’re used to sleeping in your car, than living off the grid should be like a trip to paradise. Hurry up and make it here and hang out for a bit!!

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