Seven Days

“Seven days”, I thought, as Danrather and I passed the neighbors’ house. The one with the goat on the roof.


I’m leaving in seven days. Better hurry up & finish my new home by then. My motorhome. It’s 40 years old. I bought it from the ex-leader of an outlaw motorcycle gang from Texas; the “Heaven’s Devils”. He moved to Tennessee, to take care of his mother.

Oak Ridge, Tennessee. That’s where we refined the Uranium for The Manhattan Project. Just before we detonated a nuclear bomb.

In seven days, my motorhome isn’t coming with me. Mom just wants me to start it up… & get it TF out of her yard. I’m a grown man who lives with his mother.


Seven days? Should be enough. Then, I’ll drive my VW Noob Eetle…


…to Kansas City, where I’ve hired a guy to rip the engine out. And drop it in a race car; the “Cody Coyote”, from “Hardcastle & McCormick”:

I bought it from a nuclear engineer, who’s also a former surfing champion. He lives in Belize. And Hawaii. And Kansas City, sometimes.

In a perfect world, the VW diesel engine would put the “Noob Coyote” closer to the goal. Which is 100 MPG. Which, most likely, will make it the SLOWEST RACE CAR EVER.

But I left my heart in San Francisco. And my car. The other one.


So I’ll head back that way to retrieve it… so i can resume my 6-month, cross-country road-trip… which IDEALLY, will not end with a coma.

Like last time.

I’m excited about seeing Area 51, Roswell & The Trinity Site, where the 1st nuclear bomb was detonated, at the conclusion of the Manhattan Project.

But, so far, my time in Oregon was the highlight.

The last time I was in Oregon, I shattered my spine. This time, I had the pleasure of spending time with the EMTs, who happened along, last time, when I crashed my electric motorcycle. And lay dying, on the side of the road.

I took them out for a kickass steak dinner & a bottle of Dom, at the Mark V Grille, which is kind of funny, because…


It’s not every day you get to buy dinner for the 2 guys who SAVED YOUR LIFE… at a restaurant that was reccommended to you by the girl who almost ended it.

But, she didn’t mean to do it.

Sometimes, shit happens.


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